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“Sometimes you happen upon something that sparks your emotions.”

We hope you experience that magic in our jewelry.

As you collect Liza Auchincloss pendant necklaces, each one will become meaningful with…a thought…a story…a moment in time attached to it. They will be enjoyed as sentimental treasures during your life’s journey.

Our jewelry is distinctive because it is a pure form of self expression…..a captivating…“HERE I AM”. Each piece will present an essence of who you are…without you having to say it. Reveal your spirit!!!

One of the most important qualities of good design is humanness…you will find this quality in our hand-crafted pendants. Our artisanal jewelry has a calming sense of being soulful and timeless. It will be enjoyed as one of your everyday favorites.

Luxury can be a piece of simple beauty.

The smart style of our jewelry is being able to dress-it-up-dress-it-down-around-the-clock. It is versatile…eye catching with sportswear, striking with casual wear or elegant with evening wear…it all works!

As collectibles, our pendants are interchangeable on the wire necklace… your unique style will change by switching the pendants as you wish…making it delightful travel jewelry.

Our pendants and wire choker necklaces are available in brass or they are embellished with gold plating over brass. Gold plating brings an alluring radiance to each piece. The beauty of our lead-free and nickel-free brass is that it will have a life of luster.

Brass will develop a patina over time. An occasional gentle polishing will develop a warm glow around the patina in the recesses of the detail, enhancing the art of the piece. For light polishing, we include a non-toxic polishing cloth with each purchase. Also, our brass can be polished brightly, with brass polish, to your liking. Keep your new treasure cozy in the tarnish resistant flannel pouch that it arrived in.

Each piece has been cast by hand, so there will be gentle differences and subtle variations in color with each casting. We like to refer to these as “beauty marks” that add to the unique characteristics of each pendant…and like our lives, gloriously imperfect and one-of-a-kind.

And, we are MADE IN AMERICA!

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depends on simplicity.” -Plato

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